About us

Switch on your imagination

We work openly with developers, start-ups, enterprises and partners. This gives us scope to imagine and create services with a focus on making life better.

Orange Partner is your business hub for engaging with Orange. We encourage developers, IT services companies, digital agencies, major brands, internet players, start-ups and telecoms operators to discover our open innovation programs or access our API portfolio.

The team has had a pioneering role in the digital and applications ecosystem since 2004. As part of the Orange technocentre, we work at the heart of the Group’s innovation chain and product factory.

Our role is to help you talk to the right business stakeholders, give you access to marketing insights and technical expertise, and provide a privileged link to our 1,000 in-house developers.

To start doing business with Orange, sign up to Orange Partner and opt to “stay informed”, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group.

Working together, we can achieve a shared goal of making all our customers’ digital lives richer.


A little bit about Orange

Orange – a leading global telecommunications operator – provides mobile, internet, fixed line and television services to 248m+ customers in 29 countries, and IT and telecommunications services in more than 165 countries as Orange Business Services.

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