How APIs drive new wholesale services

Bertrand Mignot, Product Marketing Director at Orange International Carriers, outlines the new trend of API-based wholesale services by Orange and its rationale.

Regulation and digitalization drive API-based wholesale services

Telcos are subject to various regulatory requirements; when they are incumbents, they must notably ensure the replicability of their retail offers by competitors. APIs offer a way to efficiently meet this requirement while delivering a great customer experience.

For instance, Orange already provides mobile data usage tracking and enables customers to have control over premium-rate numbers though APIs—an approach applauded by the latest generation of all-digital MNOs.

Dedicated APIs for wholesale markets

As a major wholesale player, Orange has also chosen to make regulated and non-regulated wholesale services available through APIs. Various players, across a highly diverse ecosystem, benefit from this offer—including fixed, mobile and virtual telcos, aggregators and/or over-the-top (OTT) services providers.

The highly diverse ecosystem of Orange Wholesale France customers & partners
The highly diverse ecosystem of Orange Wholesale France customers & partners
Our dedicated APIs include:
  • Data Usage Balance: Enabling MVNOs to automatically retrieve their retail or business customers’ account information and track their data usage.
  • e-BLC (Local Loop Consultation):  Provides telcos secure access to technical & business information on Local Loop capacity, availability of bandwidth and fixed line numbers, and other similar information.
  • Premium Rate Number Freeze: Enables operators to increase their customers’ control over their account’s consumption and avoid bill shock.

More of these services are on their way, aiming for instance to streamline and automate the intake of wholesale orders.

Turning wholesale resources into value-adding services

Accessing wholesale services and platforms within an API-based model makes it easier for other telcos and/or OTT services providers to build up and strengthen their own service offer to their customers. You can see the relevance for some digital players specialized in acquiring and repackaging telco assets like phone numbers, messaging capacity, identity attributes, authentication, etc.

These have applications across virtually all industries disrupted by OTTs and aggregators—including banking, digital telephony, digital entertainment and more. We can expect a lot in terms of new use cases, services and business models in the future.

Two examples of Orange offers combining enablers and telco assets, to create value-adding services for retail and business uses


Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

  • APIs: DCB MEA, DCB Europe
  • Assets: customer information, credit balance, invoicing, account history
  • Services: mobile billing and invoicing services
  • Partnerships: aggregators and payment services providers

Check & Go MC APIs range

  • APIs: Check ID, Network info, Form fillingMobile Connect
  • Assets: customer identity attributes, customer information, geolocation, network details
  • Services: quick and secure customer identification to mitigate fraud and streamline customer onboarding
  • Partnerships: service operators offering identity management and compliance services

Our expert

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Name: Bertrand Mignot


Job: Product Marketing Director at Orange International Carrier

Published: 26 Jun 2017 / Modified: 17 Oct 2017