Identity and privacy APIs

Offer users the strongest authentication methods and put them back in charge of their data with our Identity and Privacy APIs pack.

Effortless privacy and security for you and your users

On the Web or via mobile apps, users are increasingly less tolerant with tradeoffs between convenience, security and privacy. Orange offers a suite of APIs for developers who need above-market guarantees for identity management and privacy.

  • Mobile Connect: the most simple and secure way to authenticate your users with their mobile phone, and increase engagement
  • Orange Form Filling: streamline your user journey to reduce drop-off rates by filling in Orange customers’ personal information
  • Data Share: simplify data modeling from multiple objects and give users control over shared data
  • Trust badge: guarantee user privacy by giving them control over their personal information

The Orange Identity & Privacy APIs pack in practice: the story of the ReadyToRun fitness app.

An idea for an app: let’s get fit and ready to run!

Let’s fast-forward a year or two: we’re getting closer to the 2024 Olympics, and sports fever is in the air again. People are signing up to gyms and taking up exercise in droves. ReadyToRun, a sports and fitness services startup, wants to surf on this rising excitement with a fitness app that will help French users design exercise plans and set their fitness goals. The app can track their progress, their diet, and more, including through their connected devices.

Make secure authentication easy with Mobile Connect

identity & authentication

With Mobile Connect, users of ReadyToRun simply confirm their identity with a push on their phones (LoA2) or a PIN code (LoA3) to log onto their fitness app. No more passwords needed, and users enjoy extra security and convenience all at once!

Streamline user journeys with Form Filling

Orange Form Filling makes the lives of Orange customers using ReadyToRun easier by automatically filling in their details like name, email address, birth date, etc. This means painless registration for users, and fewer drop-offs for the app. Whenever users fill out a new form, the API will do it automatically by pulling their Orange customer info—time saved and extra security for ReadyToRun and their users alike.

Test the combination of Mobile Connect and Form Filling with our online demo
identity and privacy APIs

Sharing object data and putting users in control with Data Share

With Data Share, ReadyToRun offers even more peace of mind to their users: by going to their objects dashboard, they can see how their data is being used and change granted permissions at will.

For ReadyToRun, Data Share gets rid of complexity in two ways:

  • First, it’s a universal norm for object data: bring-your-own-device all the way! ReadyToRun will be able, for instance, to combine data from a Fitbit bracelet, a Withings scale and a Samsung fridge.
  • Second, Orange handles all security and privacy requirements so ReadyToRun can focus on making their users’ lives more convenient.

Guaranteeing privacy with Trust Badge

ReadyToRun can track users’ weight, training practices or even body fat index, and users will want guarantees that their personal info is in good hands. Trust Badge is an open-source, free SDK anyone can integrate to their mobile app that shows users how their data is being handled, and gives them control over it. These considerations matter more and more to app users, which is why Orange is sharing its best privacy practices with the community.

Now ReadyToRun has all the tools they need to create the next hit fitness app—and so do you! When the Olympics arrive, your users will be in shape to go get the gold.

> To get more information and understand the benefits of Orange Identity and Privacy APIs, watch our use cases.

Published: 06 Mar 2017 / Modified: 13 Mar 2017