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Benoît Suzanne presents the IoT data solution Data Share, a universal norm for objects combined with simplified access to user consent and security.

Focus on your service while Data Share takes care of user data complexity

Object-makers and developers who create services based on user data face two big challenges. First, there is the fragmented ecosystem of IoT standards. Then, there is the growing user demand for privacy guarantees and control over their data. Benoît Suzanne, Smart Objects Anticipation Manager, explains how Orange offers to solve both issues with Data Share, a data aggregation solution part of Orange Datavenue Services.

Getting rid of complexity

“Data Share aims to be user-centric and privacy-minded from the outset, to make things as easy as possible for end-users but also for developers”, Benoît says. This starts with enabling objects to interact with each other.”

“When it comes to finding common standards, telcos have a pretty good track record: look at SMS, voice calls, cell connectivity, and so on. To tackle the IoT, we collaborated with other members of the global ecosystem to find common ground on which to build a single norm modeling connected objects’ data. As a result, we are proposing a common language for object interactions of all kinds and all brands.”

data share api

Interoperable and accessible

The immediate benefit—for users and developers—is a common platform to handle connectivity and privacy issues from many different types of objects.

The massive increase in the number of smart home devices means compatibility issues are also growing more complex: just ask anyone who has tried to connect lamps from three different brands to his or her home assistant, or design a service compatible with all three! This, Benoît says, is where Data Share proves powerful.

data share api

“Unlike many IoT players, we believe that it’s not enough to just make your proprietary ecosystem open,” he explains. “People who want to join still need to invest a lot of time and energy into developing a compatible version of their service, and that can be a big hurdle for smaller players. With Data Share, you just need to integrate once; the norm is designed to be resilient and scalable.”

The Data Share approach is a conscious choice to work directly with object-makers, startups and developers to help them join the ecosystem, and collaborate on innovative connected services.

Peace of mind

Users are increasingly preoccupied with privacy and security guarantees, and Orange shares these concerns. This commitment is included in Data Share, which lets users decide what’s being shared at all time. With Data Share, they can authorize or deny access on a case-by-case basis.

“This benefits everyone,” Benoît says. “Users get control and strong privacy guarantees, while our partners can focus on their value-proposition. As a developer and/or object-marker, the only thing you need to worry about is requesting user consent. As for end users, they just have to choose who gets to access their data. And let the platform handle the rest!”

Orange solutions IoT pour les développeurs

Join Data Share now

Data Share was launched in early 2017 with select early partners to showcase that the ecosystem works. They include Fitbit, Withings, Netatmo, Sony, Philips and many others. The end goal for Data Share is to become an open platform, beyond Orange solutions and Orange users.

data share api
data share api

This is why Orange is opening Data Share to new partners, and encouraging them to start using the API and develop innovative services. Head on over to the Orange Developer portal and get started with the Data Share API!

Data Share applications for multiple IoT environments

Data Share opens the door for new kinds of IoT services, with less reliance on devices and a different kind of exchange between user data and services provided.

Independent living & the silver economy

Telegrafik’s service otono-me tracks activity patterns in the home to monitor residents’ health, issuing alerts to designated contacts in case of anomalies. It is especially valuable for senior care: instead of relying on wearables, it works through non-intrusive sensors spread out in the home. Using Data Share, Telegrafik can use any sensor or device to process its algorithm, for maximum efficacy—helping make it a life-saving service.

Connected insurance

Data Share makes it possible to offer services for adjusting premiums not on the basis of constant monitoring, but rather of limited exchanges. Users can choose, for instance, to share their data with insurers under specific circumstances in exchange for optional services—e.g., their smoke detectors and thermostats when they are away, or from their car components during commute.


By accessing users’ daily activity data with Data Share, fitness coaches can reach beyond the physical limits of their fitness clubs, making it possible to offer new coaching services and tailor-made programs.

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Published: 13 Mar 2017 / Modified: 13 Mar 2017