Discover the LoRa® Explorer Kit

Prototype your LoRa® connected device with our packaged offer, including a certified development board and 3 months of free access to our LoRa® network and Live Objects management platform.

The LoRa® Explorer Kit is a development board powered by Microchip that allows easy and quick prototyping of IoT objects and services using LoRa® technology.

This very compact LoRa starter kit consists of an Arduino-based platform supporting LoRa® module, Bluetooth module, PCB antenna, rechargeable coin battery and temperature sensor.

The LoRa starter kit is pre-configured to access to the Orange LoRa® network in France.

The starter kit also includes access to the Orange data and device management platform – Live Objects – where data is collected and available via APIs.


Main components

  • Arduino-based platform
  • Microchip RN2483 LoRaWAN module
  • Microchip Bluetooth 4.2 module (BLE)
  • On-board rechargeable coin cell battery
  • Embedded (PCB) LoRaWAN antenna
  • Temperature sensor

Your benefits

* subscription conditions detailed in your pack

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Published: 21 Apr 2017 / Modified: 14 Jun 2017