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Africa CEO Forum

20 - 21 March 2017

Geneva, Switzerland
Topics: MEA

Shaping the future of Africa.

The Africa CEO forum was the main event dedicated to CEOs of the largest African and international companies, political decision makers from more than 40 African countries and the most active bankers and investors on the continent.

It represents a unique platform for discussion and debate around the economic and industrial challenges facing the African continent.

A look back at Africa CEO Forum

Your contact at the event:

  • Aurélien Duval-Delort

    Job: APIs Marketing Director for MEA Famous For: Pushing hard to open Orange assets to the largest possible number of developers Never seen without: My plane ticket, to meet the ecosystem wherever it may be Contact this person
  • Edgar Kra

    Job: APIs Business Development - MEA Famous For: Being reactive and efficient Never seen without: My availability and my openness Contact this person
Published: 28 Feb 2017 / Modified: 22 Mar 2017