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Mobile World Congress 2017

27 February - 2 March 2017

Barcelona, Spain
Topics: Innovation, Start-up

Orange will present its latest innovations during this main event

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. Organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February - 2 March 2017.

The topic of this year was "Mobile: The Next Element".

Orange was present at their dedicated stand to show their latest innovations.

A look back at the Mobile World Congress

Our teams were present on the Orange booth with some demos of the latests innovations. Discover what you missed:

Orange Trust Badge, bringing transparency and user control over personal data: In the ongoing effort to reinforce personal data protection, transparency and user control, Orange has created the Orange Trust Badge, an easy-to-use, open-source component that can be added into any application. Users can view the data collected, understand why it is collected, and easily control how it is being used. The “Trust Badge” is gradually being deployed in Orange’s applications and will also be used by digital players and businesses which have made a commitment to join this initiative.

> Discover Orange Trust Badge benefits and join the community.

Mobile Connect, the simple and safe way to log in to apps and services: As the new worldwide standard for SIM-based strong authentication, Mobile Connect allows users to safely and easily log on to any digital service adopting MC, regardless of the device or network connection used. It is designed specifically to respond to consumers who increasingly have to manage multiple online or cloud-based accounts, each with different login names and passwords.


Integrate the Mobile Connect Spain API and candidate for the Mobile Connect France API

Orange Check & Go API Solution, helping third parties to increase transformation rate, improve security and facilitate the digital life of the end-user: Orange Check & Go provides a suite of innovative and easy-to-implement solutions facilitating the digital life of end-users and mitigating identity fraud, while improving their transformation rate. Orange’s set of APIs, combined with the power of Mobile Connect authentication, allows its partners to securely and seamlessly create an online account and validate users’ identities through ID, network, geolocation and SIM card details, prior to any transaction validation. Orange Check & Go APIs solution is already live in France and Spain.

> Integrate our Identity APIs

Orange and Danal Inc. for Check & Go MC won The Mobile Connect Award for Authentication & Identity

POPS by Orange, easing and accelerating the development of smart objects for mobility: POPS by Orange is a white label connectivity solution designed to help start-ups and manufacturers create connected objects and provide customers with new digital services. The solution can be used in many fields including the fashion industry, e-health, sport, connected cars, pet collars etc.

LoRa and FIWARE: In addition to its cell networks, Orange has chosen LoRa®, an open and interoperable LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Network technology, to handle the increasing IoT demand and provide its customers with an extended range of fitted solutions. Orange will be showcasing a mobile application that localizes loved ones and valuables, thanks to a LoRa® GPS tracker. LoRa® lamps are used for this system and act as concrete gateways to strengthen and densify indoor network coverage. Orange also shows how beehives are being electrically self-sufficient, thanks to the FIWARE technology and the LoRa® network. This ecosystem aims to provide decision making information on honey production to hives owners, by transmitting data from the bee hives (temperature and humidity) via the LoRa® network to a remote platform.

> Discover why choose LoRa

Published: 16 Jan 2017 / Modified: 13 Mar 2017