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Trust Badge

Discover the Trust Badge for personal data transparency and user control in mobile applications and join the community!

23 Feb 2017

Open IoT Lab

Test your device in Europe’s first LTE-M Open IoT Lab.

22 Feb 2017

Address Orange customers

Exclusive features and services to capitalize on our 260+ million customers worldwide.

13 Feb 2017

Ciblez les clients Orange

Des fonctionnalités et services exclusifs pour capitaliser sur notre base de plus de 260 millions de clients à travers le monde.

13 Feb 2017

IoT Soft Box, notre kit IoT gratuit

Utilisez notre kit de prototypage (dans la limite du stock), pour collecter, stocker, sécuriser et analyser les données de vos objets IoT sur la plate-forme Live Objects.

08 Feb 2017

IoT Soft Box, a free IoT starter kit

Use our free limited-edition starter kit, and collect, store, secure and process your sensors' data on our Live Objects platform.

07 Feb 2017

Webinar on the real-time synchronization platform - with Flexible Datasync

Boost the development of your real-time apps with an Orange backend that adapts to IoT, mobile, social and collaborative services.

26 Jan 2017

Webinar on the LoRa network

LoRa® technology enables messages to be sent over long distances in a size suitable for the Internet of Things with minimal energy consumption for sensors.

26 Jan 2017

Orange at CES 2017

Orange Business Developer Hervé Naudin reports on his favorite sights at CES 2017, from smart home assistants and virtual reality to new modes of connection.

26 Jan 2017