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Use case - #303# My Store

Discover how Co-Drive makes as accessible as possible its innovative service thanks to #303# My Store.

11 Apr 2017

Use case Identity & Privacy

Discover how Orange Identity & Privacy solutions can enhance a gym app user experience.

21 Mar 2017

Gym Club - Beacon API use case

See how Jim uses Orange Beacons to provide contextual notifications to his clients at just the right time with the Beacon API.

21 Mar 2017

Démo Form Filling with Mobile Connect

Testez Form Filling avec Mobile Connect en avant première avec notre démo illustrative.

21 Mar 2017

Use case - Form Filling API

Discover how Medicmeet simplify customers sign-up process with the Form Filling API

09 Mar 2017

Use case - Check ID API

Discover how TechnoPro secures Orange customers’ transactions with the Check ID API.

08 Mar 2017

Use case - Direct Carrier Billing solution

Discover how our partner GameStream uses the Direct Carrier Billing solution for Africa and the Middle East to provide a simple online payment system for the users of the game “Star Football Coach”.

25 Jan 2017

Use Case - Cloud API

Discover how the teambuilding company WorkTogether enables workshop participants to access photos and videos of the challenges from their team day via their personal Orange Cloud on their app.

08 Dec 2016

Use Case - SMS API

Discover how the company Ubix enables clients to order a car and driver via SMS with the SMS API for Africa and the Middle East.

08 Dec 2016