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23 Feb 2017

Orange at CES 2017

Orange Business Developer Hervé Naudin reports on his favorite sights at CES 2017, from smart home assistants and virtual reality to new modes of connection.

26 Jan 2017

Join Orange #303# My Store

Idriss N’Daho, #303# My Store Product Marketing, explains how you can distribute your USSD service to 120 million customers in 20 countries.

26 Jan 2017

Orange Money APIs in Africa

The use of Orange Money API: what prospects, what partners and where?

26 Jan 2017

Orange Egypt Open API program

Orange Egypt's Mohamed Khaled shares with us the launch of the Orange Open API Program in Egypt, how it's been received and how it looks to drive innovation in this growing market.

26 Jan 2017

Why you should choose LoRa with Orange

Sophie Marchand, Strategic Marketing Manager in charge of Orange IoT Programs, shares insights into why Orange chose LoRa as the standard for its LPWA network.

26 Jan 2017

Rejoignez la plateforme Orange #303# My Store

Idriss N’Daho, Product Manager #303# My Store, explique comment vous pouvez distribuer votre service USSD à plus de 100 millions de clients dans 20 pays en Afrique et au Moyen Orient.

20 Jan 2017

Orange partners with Jumia on Web payment

For the budding e-commerce giant Jumia, integrating the Orange Money Web Payment API will transform customer experience

08 Oct 2016

Orange and the future of AI

Yvan Delegue, Director of Orange Multimedia Applications, and Olivier Ho-A-Chuck, Head of Applications & OS Expertise, discuss AI and the future of apps.

27 Jun 2016