Introducing API-Money

A simple solution by Orange affiliate W-HA for Fintech companies & startups who want to provide payment & collect solutions on their platform.

API-money: the easy way to offer payment solutions to your users

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W-HA is a fully-owned Orange affiliate specialized in payment services, operating in France and 30 other European countries. They operate the Orange Money France money transfer offer, and offer their expertise to companies of all sizes.

At the January 30-31 Paris Fintech Forum, W-HA presented API-money, a third-party cashing offer via electronic money accounts.

w-ha api-money orange

API-money is designed for Fintech companies and start-ups who want to provide their users with simple means of payment and/or collection solution.

Integrating API-money to your platform lets you create electronic money accounts, assign them to your users and manage payment and collection transactions between them.

API-money also includes:

  • a full suite of APIs to address a wide variety of use cases,
  • technical documentation,
  • a sandbox for testing
  • a customer service dashboard
  • and much more!

Find out more about the launch of API-money on and on the dedicated API-money website.

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Published: 01 Feb 2018 / Modified: 01 Feb 2018