Starter kit

Use our free limited-edition starter kit, and collect, store, secure and process your sensors’ data on our Live Objects platform.

You have an IoT project, but you’re not sure how to start it? Discover the IoT Soft Box

Rapid prototyping is crucial as it helps you explore different technologies, and evaluate the viability of your IoT product.

It also gives you valuable insight on how the product might evolve, or show how to improve your product design.

To help you prototype, the IoT Soft Box comes with:

Apply for the IoT Soft Box

This is a limited-edition offer for products ready to prototype – please describe your project.

Once your project has been selected, we’ll send you the board and sensors by post, and you’ll also receive the Live Objects credentials on the email address you give us.

Then you’ll just need to install the software on the board and you’re ready to start your prototype!

We’ll also ask you to respond to a quick survey to collect your feedback regarding your prototyping experience.

> Read more about how prototyping with the IoT Soft Box speeds up your access to IoT.

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Published: 07 Feb 2017 / Modified: 07 Feb 2017