Datavenue IoT solutions for developers & device-makers

A selection of self-service Datavenue IoT solutions for developers and device-makers, from devices & connectivity to data management.

Develop the next disruptive IoT offer

Discover our selection of self-service IoT solutions for developers, device-makers, data managers and others who want to create new services with Orange. These resources are part of the Orange Datavenue portfolio and cover the full spectrum of IoT to support your project from beginning to end: devices, modules, connectivity plans, IoT management platforms, and more.

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In all solutions, Orange follows stringent commitments to security and user privacy. We share this know-how with app developers and device-makers to help them deliver high standards in their solutions.

Case study: connecting highway rest areas with Orange IoT Solutions

How Vinci Autoroutes uses the Orange LoRa® network and Live Objects platform to boost customer service and operational efficiency.

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Ready to get started? We have hands-on resources to support the design and development of your IoT project. Here, you will find a selection of self-service solutions, including on a freemium basis, specifically intended for device-makers, app developers, data managers and more. Begin building and testing your solutions with our starter kits, devices, SDKs, connectivity plans and IoT platforms.

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Select your device, module or starter kit

Connect to the right network for your needs

Manage your devices & data

Our selection of devices, modules & starter kits

Select your device from our IoT catalogue.

Prototype your device with our starter kits & SDKs.

Low-Power Wide Area networks

Connect to our LoRa® network in France and enjoy 3 months of free access.

Cellular networks

Subscribe to our M2M API offer and experiment with LTE-M at the Open IoT Lab.

Live Objects IoT platform

12 months free trial
Manage your devices, collect & process your IoT data.

User consent & data management

Accelerate your B2C app development & enhance user experience.

Real-time data sync & notification

Mobile backend-as-a-service for serverless development & smart data syncing.

Get started with packaged IoT offers

Start prototyping
with LoRa

Device starter kit

6 months LoRa connectivity

6 months Live Objects access

Integrate cellular connectivity to your device

Ready-to-use connected modules

Prepaid data plan across Europe

Integrated device management


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Published: 07 Nov 2017 / Modified: 07 Nov 2017