Promotional opportunities

Looking to gain visibility and exposure for your solution or brand with Orange customers? Check out all the ways we can help your business grow!

On board with Orange promotional opportunities

We offer a wide range of promotional opportunities to our partners to increase their visibility and brand awareness. Depending on the extent of our collaboration or our level of investment in your solution, possibilities range from straightforward digital promotion, to integrating your offers with our own products and services and even distribution in our physical and digital boutiques.


Discover below just some of the ways Orange can help your business grow.


Get promoted to our customer base


Get featured on the Orange Cloud home page when customers log in, alongside partners such as Sharalike, foreverCbien and Family Place.








Attending industry events with Orange

Exhibitions and conferences are a great opportunity to get exposure, something we are keen to offer our partners.



Get referenced

getreferencedPartners can get their apps referenced in:

  • “Orange Selection” section of the Android and app stores
  • “Recommendation” section of flagship Orange apps, as seen with Deezer, Dailymotion and 118712.



Get distributed

get-distributedPartners can benefit from our distribution channels through our online stores for connected objects.

Examples include:

  • on Homelive, our online Platform dedicated to the connected home
  • Or on the Orange online store accessible from 21 countries around the world



Get showcased

getshowOur online Partner Showcase features all of our partners, presented by business topic (Cars, Health, IoT & Big Data, etc.), country of activity and type of partnership relation with Orange (Co-develop with us, Integrate our APIs, to name a few).





Get integrated

getintegratedFinally, our partners’ services can be bundled into Orange offers.

  • The Family Place family network solution, now included in the Orange Open Quadruple Play offer for families.


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Published: 15 Jan 2016 / Modified: 23 May 2016