Open IoT Lab

Test your device in Europe’s first LTE-M Open IoT Lab. Open in April 2017

Why use the LTE-M network with us?

Orange is progressively deploying LTE-M on its 4G networks in Europe, starting with Belgium and Spain in 2017 before extending to the rest of the Group’s European footprint.

This technology is versatile, cost-effective, and just requires a small software upgrade to the Group’s current 4G network for rapid deployment. It supports a broad range of uses, providing a secure and scalable connection for a multitude of IoT devices—from smart utility meters, asset monitoring trackers, and vending machines to alarm systems, fleets of vehicles, heavy equipment, mHealth, wearables, and more.

Come visit the first European LTE-M Open IoT Lab, from April 2017

Starting from the beginning of April 2017, the Open IoT Lab will be located in Orange Gardens, the Group’s innovation campus in Châtillon, near Paris, France. It will welcome partners and developers looking to develop and test their devices and services designed to work with LTE-M connectivity in European markets.

You will benefit from:

  • LTE-M network coverage
  • Tools (Faraday cage, battery tester, etc..)
  • Starter kit LTE-M
  • Starter kit LoRa®
  • Orange experts support

How to apply?

Just fill in the form! Our team will get back to you and, depending on the maturity of your device or service, will set a date for you to come and being testing.

Want to find out more? Read the press release.

Published: 22 Feb 2017 / Modified: 24 Feb 2017