Developer Challenges alumni: how we continue the adventure together

Two examples of long term technical and business support Orange offers to the community of hackathons and developer challenges alumni.

A developer challenge is just the beginning of the partnership

Developer challenges alumni will find that participating in a challenge or hackathon organized by Orange is more than a one-off competition. It means joining a thriving community that Orange is committed to supporting with technical resources and access to industrial and technological partners in the long run, beyond the event. In late 2016 and early 2017, Orange organized two major hackathons with industrial and technological partners: the Orange Developer Challenge dedicated to Industry 4.0, and the LoRa® IoT Challenge. Alumni of both events were invited to continue the discussion through various sessions.

LoRaWAN™ technology training workshop

During hackathons, developers have the opportunity to experiment with technological resources, such as connectivity kits, APIs and data platforms.

On June 14, a number of Developer Challenges alumni attended a training workshop dedicated to LoRaWAN™ technology, notably using the Orange LoRaWAN™ network and the Orange LoRa® Explorer Kit.

Orange developer challenges alumni LoRa Workshop
orange developer challenges alumni

Challengers Session #1 for business & networking

The Challengers Sessions aim to be an opportunity for challenge alumni to gather and exchange several months thereafter. In a more relaxed atmosphere than the fast-paced excitement of hackathons, these events include:

  • The chance to pitch on any topic of one’s choice in the presence of Innovation VPs from Orange and its partner organizers
  • Roundtables and discussions with senior experts on a wide range of topics, with partners like Air Liquide, EDF, Groupama and Microchip Technology
  • Socials and informal get-togethers in which alumni and experts alike can mingle for group discussions and/or one-on-one chats

Three questions to Laurent Chivot, LoRa® workshop organizer and Orange IoT Expert

Laurent Chivot Orange

A keen advocate of “0G” (Low-Power Wide Area) connectivity, Laurent Chivot works at the Orange Technocentre on services strategy. His areas of expertise also include energy and energy management, in France and in AMEA countries.

Orange Partner: What was the objective of organizing the June workshop session for Challenge alumni?

Laurent Chivot: For us, it was another way to support the community of developers that participate to our events and work with us. We wanted to continue showcasing the potential of LoRaWAN™ technology—and introduce technical resources that could help them develop their solutions.

O.P.: Could you describe the workshop and the available technologies?

L.C.: It was very practical and hands-on. Experts from both Orange and our partners Microchip Technology provided guidance and input while participants worked on a single use case involving sensors, our LoRa® kit, network access tools, BLE 4.2 connectivity and the Live Objects data platform.

O.P.: What was the outcome?

L.C.: Very positive! The participants had a very practical occasion to gain new insights into these technologies and test them out. They got to keep their Orange LoRa® Explorer Kit and received a 6-month access to the Orange LoRaWAN™ network. If it can help accelerate their development, then for us it is a success: we are here to help!

Three questions to Mobizel‘s Richard Seltrecht on the LoRaWAN™ workshop and Challengers Session.

mobizel orange

Mobizel, who specialize in digital interfaces and mobile apps, participated in the Industry 4.0 Developer Challenge and won 2nd prize in the “Junior” category. Software engineer Richard Seltrecht shares his experience of the events.

Orange Partner: Why did you participate in the Orange Industry 4.0 Developer Challenge?

Richard Seltrecht: The technical focus on concrete use cases was very appealing. The presence of key players like Air Liquide and EDF at the event was another big draw, as they can be hard to reach for SMBs like ourselves.

O.P.: What was your experience of the challenge and what were the outcomes for you—in addition to winning a prize?

R.S.: We prototyped a mobile app solution in two days, which was intense but stimulating! Creating ties with Orange and its partners led us to pitch the same solution to EDF affiliate Enedis, with whom we’re now at the POC stage. So in terms of access, this was a success.

O.P.: What is your motivation for participating in the LoRaWAN™ workshop and the Challengers Session?

R.S.: The IoT is booming, but devices still require an interface with mobile apps; this is our core business, but we are a small team and we still need to skill up on IoT technology. The workshop was very technical, and we learned a lot.

The Challengers Session, meanwhile, is an opportunity to meet the ecosystem, see what other players are doing and learn directly from industry experts. It also means networking and further access to key partners. We’re looking forward to it!

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Published: 26 Jun 2017 / Modified: 17 Oct 2017