Orange IoT networks

Orange offers developers & device-makers a range of IoT networks they can combine to connect their solutions according to their bandwidth and autonomy needs, and cover a wide range of use cases.

Connect your devices with the right Orange IoT networks for your needs

Deploying the IoT on a massive scale cannot be done through a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, Orange offers a wide range of IoT networks to its partners, including cellular and IP connectivity, to make sure they have the right solution for the diverse needs of their projects:

  • Low-power & wide area connectivity for use cases that rely on covering the widest possible zone, especially where non-critical coverage is concerned;


  • Real-time cellular connectivity, including with dedicated IoT standards, for use cases tied to population coverage – including voice and high-speed, real-time mobile data transfers.

Find out more about our connectivity offers below and how they can support your IoT project, whether you are looking for a single connectivity or several in combination, including with shorter-range solutions like Bluetooth® or WiFi.

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Orange IoT & LPWA Connectivity White Paper
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A closer look at the Orange IoT networks portfolio

LoRa®: low-cost & energy-efficient for large-scale IoT deployment

  • National coverage in France – find out your LoRa coverage here
  • 130+ B2B customers
  • Currently available in France, with POCs ongoing in Orange Slovakia, Romania and Moldova affiliates

Did you know? LoRa connectivity can be used in combination with other network techs for hybrid use cases: in a water metering installation, for instance, water consumption readings can be uploaded to a data management platform through LoRa, while the firmware updates to trackers and modules can be downloaded via LTE-M.

Important: LoRa connectivity does not support roaming yet. However, the LoRa Alliance™ is coordinating the normalization of roaming and interconnection between members’ LoRaWAN™ networks. Orange is testing the interconnection with another European carrier and Alliance member by end-2017.

Cellular: from industrial M2M to high-speed IoT solutions

Cellular connectivity is suited for devices that require the largest possible network coverage while transmitting data on a frequent basis and/or in real-time. It is the solution of choice for machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions between devices equipped with SIM cards.

  • In France, Orange has been recognized multiple times as the carrier with the highest-performing mobile network in terms of coverage and reliability, covering 99% of the population with 3G/3G+ service and more than 80% with 4G/4G+ service
  • Our global M2M station, created with the Global M2M Association, provides extensive worldwide coverage through multiple roaming partnerships.
  • To best meet the needs of the IoT ecosystem, we are constantly upgrading our cellular networks. Cat 1 compatibility on our 4G networks is an essential step in supporting high-speed mobility use cases.


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LTE-M: the IoT Swiss-army knife, from to low- to high-bandwidth

LTE-M is an evolution of 4G LTE, standardized by the 3GPP to support new IoT use cases as part of the GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative. Key aspects include greater sustainability, with a significantly lower energy consumption.

  • The Open IoT Lab at Orange Gardens, the group’s innovation campus in Châtillon, France, is one of the ways Orange supports the development of LTE-M across its cellular networks to facilitate the creation of new services. We are seeking partners to develop pilot projects in European markets.
  • Orange is currently upgrading its 4G network to deploy LTE-M connectivity, starting with Belgium and Spain affiliates by end-2017, with POCs planned in other affiliates in 2018 for progressive deployment across the European footprint.

You’re not sure what network is best suited to your needs? Our sales teams are here to help!

Published: 07 Nov 2017 / Modified: 07 Nov 2017