Orange Datavenue IoT platforms

A selection of IoT platforms from the Orange Datavenue program to help device-makers and digital service providers manage their devices & data as they develop new services.

IoT platforms to manage your devices, data and users

If you are working on an IoT project, you know finding the right module, device and/or connectivity is only part of the picture. You may also need different kinds of IoT platforms to manage your devices, data and users. Orange provides several solutions that build on its connectivity expertise to help device-makers, app developers and others develop their services.

The right solutions to fit your business needs

You are You have You need We offer

Device maker

Connected devices, prototypes and/or modules

A simple platform to manage your device(s) & data Live Objects
  • Manage your device fleet
  • Collect, process & visualize your IoT data
  • Available with LoRa and/or M2M connectivity (compatible with all carriers)

Your own connected devices and platform

A solution to manage consumer & device data and combine it with other service providers Data Share
  • Aggregate end-user & device data
  • Integrated end-user consent management

Digital services provider

Connected devices or modules

A device & data management platform Live Objects
  • Securely manage & update your devices
  • Collect, process & visualize your IoT data

A device-based service

A solution to aggregate data from multiple devices & platforms

A GDPR-compliant data management solution

Data Share
  • Cross-device data modeling
  • User consent management
  • Seamless customer journey

An app under development

A solution to synchronize user & device data in real time

A flexible database

Flexible Datasync
  • Mobile backend-as-a-service
  • Serverless development
  • Data syncing across devices and users

Find out more about our IoT platform solutions

Live Objects

Manage your devices, collect, & process your IoT data


Device inventory

Device monitoring

Firmware update

Device configuration

Data management

Data Share

Accelerate your B2C app development & enhance user experience

End-user identity for B2C apps

Data aggregation with business components

IoT constructor connector

Compatible with international norms

SDKs for Apps

Ready to comply with data regulation

Flexible Datasync

A mobile backend-as-a-service for serverless development, with smart data syncing 

User authentication

Real-time database

Multiple SDKs

Get started instantly with all-in-one IoT offers

Depending on your stage of development, you may need all-in-one solutions that include devices and/or modules, connectivity plans and data management services to prototype your new offer, scale quickly or go to market. You will find some of our ready-to-use packaged offers below for instant deployment.

Start prototyping
with LoRa

Device starter kit

6 months LoRa connectivity

6 months Live Objects access

Integrate cellular connectivity to your device

Ready-to-use connected modules

Prepaid data plans across Europe

Integrated device management

Published: 07 Nov 2017 / Modified: 07 Nov 2017