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Discover 3 Orange marketplaces to help you target millions of private and business customers with your services: Cloud Pro, Business Apps, and #303# My Store.

Go to market with Orange

orange marketplaces

Discover three Orange marketplaces to help you target millions of business and private customers with your services in Europe, Africa and the Middle East on a revenue-share model.

Cloud Pro

Distribute your business solution to millions of small businesses in several countries

  • Our marketplace: Cloud Pro is an SaaS portal targeted at Orange business customers, specifically Small Office / Home Office and Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Country focus: France, Poland, Slovakia, Egypt, and soon Morocco.
  • What it’s for: mobile-oriented services that bring added value to the Cloud Pro target segment, with a focus on productivity and business solutions – such as CRM, collaboration, security, resource management, content management, and operations.
  • We are looking for: partners with a telco-oriented go-to-market strategy in our target countries, with value-adding use cases for our customer segments.

Why you should join

  • An opportunity to deliver your SaaS solution to millions of small businesses in a growing number of countries
  • A fast and agile integration process providing a best-in-class customer journey
  • A proven go-to-market and revenue sharing mode to benefit our partners

Business Apps France

Promote your premium mobile applications to business users in France

  • Our marketplace: the Business Apps platform distributes third-party mobile apps to Orange Business Services customers, specifically Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Multi-National Corporations, under a SaaS model.
  • Country focus: France
  • What it’s for: Orange Business Services consolidates a suite of premium applications that help its business customers derive the full value of using their mobile devices as day-to-day business tools. Business Apps covers a wide range of specific business uses such as managing online forms, logging and following up on customer visits, remotely accessing IT resources, tracking staff in the field and detecting accidents.
  • We are looking for: all professional pure SaaS software vendors with a product offering addressing mobility uses for SMEs and MNCs, with a focus on B2B2E and B2E2C user targets. We look at product relevance, company background, product quality as well as back office infrastructure and skill center. 

Why you should join

  • Orange is the number one provider of mobile business services in France, serving millions of SME and MNC customers
  • A high-growth market as more and more companies are equipping their workforce with mobile tools
  • Your products will be promoted to our professional customers by a full team of Orange Business Services sales specialists
  • All customer-side billing operations are entirely managed by our teams: you will never be impacted by payment delays from end users.
  • Discover how to integrate the Orange Business Apps API now.

#303# My Store

Create your own USSD services and reach millions of new users in the Middle East & Africa

  • 303-mystore-api-ussdOur distribution channel: The Orange #303 My Store is a B2B2C portal that enables our partners to develop and publish a USSD service compatible with any mobile phone with an Orange SIM card.
  • Country focus: Egypt, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali.
  • What it’s for: the USSD portal makes your service available to all mobile users even feature phone users with GSM connectivity, as the USSD interface removes the need for mobile Internet access. You get a unique short code for all our countries. By promoting your service on our USSD portal, all our customers will be able to discover and subscribe your service across Middle East & Africa. 
  • We are looking for: any partner from independent developers to startups and large companies with a service to offer Orange customers in the region!



 Why you should join303-mystore-ussd-map-Africa-small

  • Extend the reach of your service to all mobile users
  • Reach up to 120 million Orange customers across the Middle East and Africa!
  • No set up costs: a simple revenue share model
  • Discover how to integrate the #303 My Store API now.


Published: 30 Nov 2016 / Modified: 26 Jan 2017