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In Europe, Africa and the Middle East, our mobile payment APIs adapt to your needs and your ecosystem to boost your service and increase your revenues.

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Mobile Payment APIs

Mobile finance tech brings merchants and customers closer than ever before. At Orange, we’ve developed a range of mobile payment APIs to offer secure and seamless transactions to enterprises big and small. Check out our solutions below to find out which ones are the right for you, depending on where you are located and what you are selling.

Contents: Direct Carrier Billing MEA, Direct Carrier Billing Europe, Orange Money Web Payment, API-Money. 

Direct Carrier Billing Middle East & Africa

Who it’s for: everyone with an app and/or service to monetize!

What it does: the Direct Carrier Billing service for MEA (DCB MEA) is an efficient way to let you market your digital services and/or mobile content within a growing base of subscribers in the Orange Middle East & Africa footprint—121 million customers in 18 countries.

How it works: DCB MEA is based on a network of local payment providers, which aggregate the services provided by our partners in their country of activity. They also offer technical and commercial support. This solution involves on a pure revenue-sharing model, under which Orange retains no more than 35% of the net price on each transaction.

Where it’s available: local merchants can already apply for access to DCB MEA in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire. The service is being deployed all over the region. Sign up here to be alerted as soon as it becomes available in your country!

Orange Mobile Payment APIs DCB MEA availability

DCB MEA in practice

DCB MEA enhances your business by making it easier to purchase your services. However, it also makes your own marketing activities more convenient. Because we have selected the best local payment providers to be your intermediaries with local Orange affiliates, you also benefit from simpler contracts, and fewer invoices and payments to process.

Our partners have already begun incorporating the solution, and they’re seeing results. For instance, the Arabic-language VOD platform Istikana uses it to charge their users seamlessly, thanks to features like premium SMS. Find out more about the Istikana & Orange partnership.

Moreover, DCB MEA can be very interesting for partners outside the MEA region—for instance, to expand the reach of their services to other countries. This is the case of French e-book streaming service YouBoox, which is collaborating with Orange affiliates in MEA to grow beyond francophone Europe and reach the francophone world. Find out more about the YouBoox & Orange partnership.


Direct Carrier Billing Europe

Who it’s for: partners with a significant commercial activity in one of the European countries where DCB Europe is available.

What it does: Direct Carrier Billing Europe (DCB Europe) enables you to sell digital goods and services to Orange customers with a conversion rate vastly superior to credit cards and other payment options (up to 5x higher).

How it works: DCB Europe is a one-click payment solution for digital goods and services under 10€. Transactions are simply added to Orange customers’ bill, or taken off their prepaid mobile credit balance.

Where it’s available: The API end-point covers six European countries — France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Romania and Slovakia — where you can reach millions of Orange customers.


DCB Europe in practice

Orange customers within your user base enjoy a seamless and secure process, bypassing the need to provide credit card information. The service uses both cellular network authentication, and can also be implemented using SMS authentication for WiFi users.

We typically approach partners directly, including large French and international companies, and work with them closely to provide direct access to the service. To date, we’ve worked with Google, Microsoft, and Sony to integrate the API on their app stores, and continue to pursue partnerships with other leading companies such as mobile game platform Gameloft.

Orange Mobile Payment APIs Direct Carrier Billing Europe

Orange Money Web Payment

Who it’s for: merchants registered in their country of activity and compliant with local Orange Money regulations, whether or not they own an e-commerce website.

What it does: the Orange Money Web Payment (OM Web Payment) API enables your customers to pay online via the Orange Money financial service to purchase your goods and services. Just like Orange Money, the Web Payment is subject to strict regulation on security and fraud prevention making it a secure, trustworthy solution.

Orange Mobile Payment APIs Orange Money Web Payment

How it works: once approved, you will simply need a few lines of code to integrate the Web Payment API into your website. Customers who choose to pay with Orange Money are redirected to the payment  interface, and validate payment by entering a temporary password received via the Orange Money USSD service on their mobile.

Where it’s available: Botsawana, Cameroon, Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, Guinea Conakry and Niger. Orange Money Web Payment is scheduled for deployment in the rest of the MEA Orange footprint. Sign up to be the first to know when it goes live in your country!

Orange Mobile Payment APIs Orange Money Web Payment availability

OM Web Payment in practice

African e-commerce is booming, but shoppers can be reluctant to use credit cards due to the perceived security risks. Mobile Payment APIs and solutions like Orange Money Web Payment enable vendors to access a secure ecosystem, and customers gain a trusted payment method.

You can rely on the assistance from our integration partners to develop your website and integrate the service as a means of payment. A testing environment is available to make sure your system if fully operational before going live.

Orange Mobile Payment APIs Orange Money Web Payment

One of our partners, the African e-commerce platform Jumia, is working on integrating OM Web Payment on their platform to enhance security for online payments. The trust and security of the Orange Money brand and our API promises to boost their online business with a best-in-class customer experience.



Who it’s for: Fintechs and startups looking to offer simple means of payment and/or collection on their platform.

What it does: API-money is a creation of Orange affiliate W-HA. The proposition is simple: API-money helps you manage payment and collections between your users by letting you create electronic money accounts. Moreover, API-money complies with demanding French banking regulation, making it secure and “passported” to more than 30 European countries.

w-ha api-money orange

How it works: you can already apply to test API-money for free. Features include a suite of APIs for most use cases, a customer dashboard to oversee cashflow, full technical documentation, and a sandbox for testing.

Where it’s available: currently France but the service is certified in more than 30 European countries. Check back soon for updates on status outside of France.

Orange Mobile Payment APIs API-money
Published: 29 Sep 2016 / Modified: 08 Dec 2016