Orange partners with Jumia on Web payment

For the budding e-commerce giant Jumia, integrating the Orange Money Web Payment API will transform customer experience

“The most important element for our customers is trust”

Founded in 2012, the Africa Internet Group was rebranded as the Jumia Group in July 2016. Today, the company is present in 23 countries, and offers eight different services: electronic goods, food, car, travel, fashion, housing, jobs and classified ads. Jumia itself is the e-commerce platform of the Jumia Group that specializes in electronic goods and fashion.

“Jumia Group is the across the board leader of e-commerce in Africa,” Jumia co-CEO Jérémy Hodara says. “And each of its services is itself a leader in its own domain.”


Earning trust for online payments

orange-money-web-paymentAs Mr. Hodara explains, mobile payment systems are crucial in African markets, where banking platforms are developed but credit cards aren’t as widely used as in Europe. Concerns over online fraud have made many customers reluctant to use credit cards online, which is why mobile payments have become the “go-to option” for many. But as Mr. Hodara says, building consumer trust is still paramount for Jumia and other e-commerce companies, and that’s why he and his team turned to Orange Money Web Payment.


“For our customers the most important element is trust,” Jérémy Hodara explains. “And this solution can bring that trust because Orange and Orange Money are known and trusted brands in the region.”

The continuity between the Orange Money Web Payment online and mobile interfaces is another plus. The fluid and intuitive Orange Money UX results in few drop-offs–showing that Orange Money Web Payment is one of the best offers on the market.


A partner at the right level


Integrating the Orange Money API is a seamless and straightforward process, thanks to clear documentation and a testing environment that enables simulating payments and troubleshooting. “For us, this is great, as we really need a quick feedback loop on the developer side to efficiently iron out any kinks, figure out any bugs and fix them before launch,” Jumia Product Owner Baptiste says. “We really appreciate this feature as it saving us a lot of time.”

Baptiste and his team also worked closely with central Orange teams to set up the testing environment and with the Cameroon team to ensure that the launch goes smoothly. “The Jumia Group has experience working with major partners both in Europe and Africa, and our standards are quite high in terms of availability and support. Orange really came through on all accounts, in both regions equally.”

Next steps

For now, Jumia is preparing to launch the Web Payment API on its e-stores in Cameroon, as well as on Jumia Market — a platform that enables e-commerce between private individuals. Going forward, it is expected that the API will increase the share of online payments among Jumia’s consumer base and enable faster delivery, resulting in a best-in-class payment experience for the customers.

Published: 29 Sep 2016 / Modified: 08 Oct 2016