From Orange Developer Challenge to partnership: two success stories

From industrial IoT & AI to mobile-based health solutions, from France to Cameroon: two partnerships that began with an Orange Developer Challenge or hackathon.

e-novACT & GiftedMom: when Orange Developer Challenges become a business boost

Viva Technology Paris 2017 was an opportunity for Orange to showcase the achievements of several start-up partners. Two of them, e-novACT and GiftedMom, come from very different businesses and backgrounds—however, both their partnerships began similarly: with an Orange developer challenge. Today, both receive key support to develop their services and expand their business reach.

e-novACT: chance encounter leads to industrial AI & IoT solutions

Founded in early 2017, e-novACT is a French start-up specializing in IoT- and AI-based smart industry solutions to small and medium-sized players. The company’s three founding members met by chance at the Orange Developer Challenge dedicated to Industry 4.0, where they took home the top prize in the “Junior” category—and became inspired to launch their own startup!

Why they came to us

hackathon winners Epinet“The Orange Developer Challenge gave us the opportunity to directly work on industrial use cases presented by Air Liquide and EDF, using technical resources provided by Orange,” explains Eric Page, e-novACT co-founder & CEO.

Their solution, EPInet, was created from scratch using the Orange LoRa® Explorer kit and the Live Objects platform and the support of Orange experts. The result: a network of connected Personal Protection Equipment for workplace supervision and monitoring. Click the thumbnail to watch our interview with Eric Page (in French) on the EPInet project.

How we co-innovate today

e-novACT aims to offer both AI- and IoT-based industrial solutions that are accessible to small and mid-sized companies, not just major players. In pursuit of this goal, it continues to receive key support from Orange:

  • Technical: e-novACT continues to benefit from the use of the Orange LoraWAN™ network, including loaned gateways to expand their coverage, and direct support for the Live Objects platform.
  • Business development: access to the large Orange customer base of SMEs/SMBs and industrial players.
  • Marketing: visibility and promotion at events, most notably a booth at Viva Technology Paris 2017.

GiftedMom: scaling up an app to eradicate maternal & infant mortality

Founded in 2012, GiftedMom is a leading provider of mobile-based health services in Cameroon, especially monitoring services and health information for pregnant women, prenatal care, vaccination programs and more via Web, USSD and SMS. Their solutions target people in remote locations in order to drive down high maternal and infant mortality rates. As one of the runners-up in the RFI App Afrique challenge, GiftedMom had the opportunity to integrate Orange APIs and scale up their service.

Why they came to us

giftedmom“We needed to solve our platform’s dependency on email and internet access to disseminate prenatal and antenatal health information among women in remote areas,” says Alain Nteff, co-founder & CEO of GiftedMom. “APIs are the tool of choice to do so.”

As runners-up, they had the opportunity to integrate Orange APIs in production mode, specifically the SMS, #303# My Store and Direct Carrier Billing APIs, with support from Orange Fab Cameroon. This huge technical boost meant GiftedMom could scale up quickly: information, notifications and checkups could now be sent using GSM networks, via SMS and USSD, and they could charge users for subscriptions.

How we co-innovate today

GiftedMom continues to expand its range of services, which now also include family planning & contraception, teen health & reproductive education. As they plan their expansion throughout Cameroon and other neighboring countries, they continue to receive key support from Orange:

  • Business development: the pan-African reach of #303# My Store and Direct Carrier Billing service means that GiftedMom will be able to quickly and easily deploy in new countries
  • Marketing: GiftedMom’s is launching publicity campaigns, including TV and radio spots, with financial support from Orange; they are also promoted in various Orange communication programs, including #OrangeStartUp for Viva Technology Paris 2017.
Published: 26 Jun 2017 / Modified: 17 Oct 2017