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“Orange Lab Explorers provide invaluable feedback!”

What they do: Biiwatch, remote control for photo and video for smartphone. What they do with us: Thanks to their relationship with Lab Orange and the organization of an event, Biiwatch had the opportunity to present its connected object to around 40 Orange Explorers.

  • BiiWatch presented its service to Orange end users and received key feedback, driving innovation forward. They're currently working on getting distributed via IOT Corner. To be continued…
  • BiiWatch will be distributed in France and internationally

Founded in July 2012, SmartMobileAccessoire is a French start-up that creates innovative accessories for smartphones and tablets. Among these accessories is BiiWatch, a bracelet that enables people to take full control of their smartphones’ photo and video modes remotely. Both an indoor and outdoor accessory, BiiWatch can be used for sports and hobbies as well as for business and professional activities. In this interview, SmartMobileAccessoire Founder Eko Ognami discusses BiiWatch’s evolution.

the challenge

While developing BiiWatch, we never had the chance to present it to anyone other than friends, a few bloggers and a photographer. We soon realized we needed to know how end users would take to it while getting their honest feedback. That’s where Orange came in. They invited me to present BiiWatch to the Orange Lab Explorers at the Lab Orange event held at their Living Lab in Paris in November 2013.

the results

The Lab Orange event went extremely well. From both a personal relationship and technical point of view, the Lab Orange team’s organization was impeccable. Following a great discussion, I presented the BiiWatch project to a group of about 40 Lab Explorers.

The Lab Explorers were great and really provided invaluable feedback. I could see they were informed consumers with an extremely positive attitude.

At first, many of them were curious to know what BiiWatch was meant to be used for, so I presented quite a few use cases including its applications in sports and hobbies. The Lab Explorers also suggested a number of improvements, such as adding a clock feature; blood pressure and pulse monitors; and ways to enhance its look and feel. One Lab Explorer recommended I look at the Ice Watch brand for unisex and user-friendly design ideas. Thanks to that suggestion, I’m now in contact with the Ice Watch team.

next steps

I’m currently adding some features recommended by the Lab Explorers and I plan to add some of the others at a later development stage. If Orange asks me to participate in other Lab Explorer events, I’d say yes without any hesitation. I’d either present BiiWatch again to see what the Lab Explorers think about its evolution and new features, or I’d present other accessories that are currently under development.

Published: 20 Jan 2016 / Modified: 07 Mar 2016