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“A higher level of credibility and visibility thanks to Orange APIs”

What they do: CBien is a French start-up that offers online inventory management of a customer’s personal belongings as well as services to secure personal documents in the cloud. What they do with us: A participant in Season 4 of Orange Fab France, Cbien partnered with Orange to increase brand awareness, integrate Orange APIs (Cloud, Identity & Datavenue) and beta test their updated service. Results: Months into the partnership, CBien continues to see an increase in new users, and is now looking to bring the same brand recognition & user experience to other countries.

This service integrates the following Orange APIs : Cloud API, Authentification France API and Datavenue API.

CBien is a cloud-based service that allows users to manage and secure their inventory of personal belongings, valuables and documents. As Europe’s first circular economy platform, the site also offers an array of ways to help users value and resell items. The service is available on both Android and iOS. CBien was selected to participate in Orange Fab France Season 4 where they got in touch with the Orange Cloud Business Unit and discovered the range of APIs that Orange has to offer. Later, the partnership expanded to include redefining the customer experience, communication and promotional efforts as well as gathering user feedback, and more.

Here, CBien Business Development and Partnership Manager Marie Chambron describes how the partnership with Orange helped her company deliver new services and attract more users.

the challenge

We’re constantly looking to grow our user base through new partnerships. Orange gave us access to a variety of different services including a large base of Orange Cloud users who were already familiar with the workings of the cloud. Working with Orange offers a higher level of credibility and visibility, which has allowed us to expose our brand to new audiences.

the results

Together, we worked to promote our service across different marketing channels to get our brand name increased recognition and exposure through push notifications, newsletters, the Orange mobile portal and more.

We also integrated three Orange APIs (Cloud, Identity & Datavenue) to develop a way for Orange Cloud users to automatically synchronize their inventory and documents to CBien, without logging in and out of different accounts. The APIs were customized to meet our specific needs and Orange even provided assitance as we beta tested CBien's newly updated service. We saw the impact of this API integration as soon as we launched in October through increased users and user rates. Since then, we’ve seen a steady stream of new users from the Orange Cloud, which is showing no signs of slowing down.

cap-cbien illus

next steps

We’re now hoping to duplicate these results in other countries. We plan on leveraging the resources of Orange and its vast network across Europe to develop our brand across the continent. We'll also be developing the same synchronization service for users in new countries and we’re confident we’ll see similar positive results.

> Get more information about the partnership between CBien and Orange here.

Published: 12 Jan 2016 / Modified: 19 Apr 2016