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“Partnering with Orange means partnering with a large group that serves a diverse set of markets”

What they do: CloudFuze is an online cloud aggregator offering users a single app to easily access all their cloud storage services across multiple platforms. What they do with us: CloudFuze integrates Orange’s Cloud APIs, and is featured on the Orange “Le Cloud” platform. Orange users can now enjoy a secure access to their Orange Cloud alongside all their other cloud services, both personal and professional. Results: Integrating Orange’s Cloud APIs gave CloudFuze a foothold into the French consumer market, while opening the door for exploring enterprise solutions in collaboration with Orange Business Services.

The CloudFuze platform integrates the following API: Cloud API

Based in Durham, North Carolina, CloudFuze enables individuals, companies and software developers to connect to an expanded set of file management and cloud storage options, and reap the benefits without having to deal with their complexities. Founder and CEO Ravi Poli recounts the origin of his partnership with Orange.

the challenge

Our service meets a growing need across a variety of customer segments with most people using more than one cloud storage service, a trend that looks set to continue. Partnering with Orange was a way of expanding our consumer base. We already had a unified API platform allowing users to transfer files across major cloud storage services, like Google Drive and Dropbox, but with more than 40% of our clients in Europe we definitely needed a stronger foothold in the region.

Orange has great name recognition in Europe, and especially in France, so integrating their APIs was a sure way to boost our presence and meet our clients’ needs.


the results

Sure enough, we’ve definitely seen a surge in new customers from France via the Orange landing page, and France became our second biggest market. API integration was a really smooth and easy process thanks to the quality of the documentation, not to mention the accessibility of Orange support. As a result, we were able to integrate the identification and synchronization mechanisms within just a couple of weeks, which is quite impressive.

Now, Orange clients can sync and transfer their files from the Orange Cloud to other storage services, and we’ve gained another layer to our network.

next steps

Telcos are truly strategic partners for us, while also providing valuable exposure, as well. Partnering with Orange means partnering with a large group that serves a diverse set of markets. We’re actively looking to expand this partnership, particularly through Orange Business Services. Our technology is both convenient and secure, which makes it ideal for enterprise clients – making Orange an ideal partner for our future plans.

Published: 24 Jun 2016 / Modified: 14 Mar 2017