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With Comet, automatically gather the photos taken among your folks.

What they do: With Comet, automatically group all photos taken with your loves ones. After a party, a trip, a wedding or any sort of event, it is always very difficult to gather photos taken by everyone. With Comet, it is possible. Comet is a free mobile app (iOS & Android), which work intuitively to automatically collect all the pictures taken during events. All the pictures all automatically saved on our own Cloud account. The customers can enjoy a private and secure space by Orange, and consult their albums from any connected screen. What they do with us: Comet uses the Orange Cloud API, and was accelerated by Orange Fab France.

This service integrates the following Orange API : Cloud API.

> More about the relationship between Comet and Orange here.
Published: 12 Jan 2016 / Modified: 05 Apr 2016