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"a strategic partnership to address the growing demand for mobile identity services"

What they do: Danal enables seamless, frictionless commerce on mobile devices. We use patent-pending and proprietary technology to deliver the best mobile experiences. What they do with us: Danal has integrated Orange key authentication and identity APIs that they expose to tier developers in order to facilitate their integration with Orange.

This service integrates the following Orange APIs : Authentification, Form Filling, Check ID, Location Check, and User Details API.

New identity agreement compliments existing API offer

partener photoOn June 17, 2015, Danal and Orange announced a strategic partnership to address the growing demand for mobile identity services across the Orange ecosystem.


The agreement ensures the two companies will work together to provide a range of services including the following:

  • Autofil

Auto form-filling/check-out and registration:

A simple tool for our customers that automatically fills out forms and facilitates account creation on service provider portals and apps.

  • Identity Management

ID check (matching score):

One-click identity verification helps service providers improve confidence in digital transactions, removing, for example, the necessity to send copies of a passport or identity card for proof of identity.

  • Payments

Localization services:

Improves the reliability of a transaction conducted abroad, whether in-store or at an ATM.

Orange proactively notifies banks & financial services organizations (credit card companies) of the user’s location during these events.
This service ensures our customers can avoid being denied payments abroad while also protecting against fraudulent transactions.

eBank illustration

As Orange Marketing Enabler Director Frédéric Reboulleau explains how this new partnership fits with the company’s ongoing identity objectives: “Danal’s real-time, mobile identity and authentication solutions are deployed today with a number of brand-name financial services and online retail customers. These solutions are complementary to the GSMA Initiative Mobile Connect, which is strongly endorsed and promoted by Orange.”

Not to mention it fits hand in hand with existing services and APIs that Orange offers developers and partners via the self-service API platform:


Published: 14 Jan 2016 / Modified: 19 Apr 2016