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RealTime Data Distribution Technologies

What they do: DIGAT DDS Cloud “DDC” has set out to develop a Data Stream Network for developers to build real-time apps as easily as building a web page. The DDC Data Stream Network provides a global cloud infrastructure and key building blocks for real time interactivity. DigAt allows developers to spend their time on what they do best... creating killer real-time apps! It is a service that will remodel the market by combining two existing technologies in a new way. It will transfer any data a company is requiring in real time. So it will open new possibilities for companies in any sector. What they do with us: Supported in Orange accelerator by Oasis 500, Digat uses Orange network to do real time data transfer or optimize the data volume sent. Results: DIGAT has joined BIG powered by Orange Batch 1, which is growth mode acceleration program, for 120 Days (2015). The product is available as SAAS for developers to be integrated directly in their products.
Published: 13 Jan 2016 / Modified: 02 May 2016