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"Make your home brighter."

What they do: Emberlight is building a home automation product that turns any light into a smart light. Our device is a plug and play adapter that screws into your existing light socket, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to control that light from anywhere in the world. Anyone can install Emberlight within minutes using the lamps and light bulbs they already have. With this product, you’ll be able to adjust one light or many preset lights in your home with a single touch on a smartphone while walking up from the driveway or lying in bed. You’ll also be able to completely automate the lights based on proximity to the phone in your pocket or any Bluetooth LE wearable on your wrist, so the lights will just turn on and off automatically as you move from room to room. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab USA. Results: $300k raised through a Kickstarter campaign for an initial goal of $50k. Signed a manufacturing deal with Flextronics (September 2014).
Published: 12 Oct 2015 / Modified: 08 Apr 2016