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An app to eradicate maternal and infant mortality.

What they do: Giftedmom is an application that provides monitoring services for pregnant women and prenatal care SMS notifications, as well as monitoring child vaccination programs. What they do with us: As one of the RFI App Challenge Africa finalists, Giftedmom had the opportunity to integrate Orange APIs with support from local Orange teams. During the competition, Giftedmom integrated the Orange SMS, #303# My Store and Billing APIs into its platform in production mode. Results: The APIs enable Giftedmom to scale its services exponentially, to users in Cameroon as well as in other parts of Africa by benefiting from the Orange presence in over 15 countries. Giftedmom has signed a contract to be distributed on the Orange #303# My Store in Cameroon, with their service launching in July 2016.

This service integrates the following APIs: SMS, #303# My Store, Direct Carrier Billing Service.

Published: 22 Jun 2016 / Modified: 22 Jun 2016