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"Orange Fab was a real breakthrough for us"

What they do: Distribution and revenue sharing agreement with Orange; the app will be available on the Orange App Center starting next year. What they do with us: The app is currently available in Poland.


Offering roadside assistance, towing and repair services, Hollo is a mobile app that takes the hassle out of car trouble. Developed in Poland, the app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. Founder and Senior Partner Leszek Hajkowski discusses Hollo’s participation in Orange Fab Season 2.

the challenge

As a car owner, servicing and repairs are a real drain on your time, money and mobility. What we looked to build with Hollo was a companion for the everyday driver – linking you to your local mechanic and towing service to ensure a prompt response just when you need it most. Car owners use the app to scan the QR Code from their car registration certificate which then plugs the car’s make and model into Hollo’s system. The service provides access to roadside assistance, allows you to report car issues (warning lights, etc.) and even settles costs related to accident assistance by paying bills using the integrated PayPal payment solution.

Our relationship with Orange started when we became finalists of Orange Fab Poland’s Season 2. The accelerator program was just what we were looking for to confirm our business model and help us out with app distribution.

the results

Participation in Orange Fab was a real breakthrough for us in confirming our start-up’s future. The program has given us not only the chance to promote our concept, but also resulted in significant improvements to our business model and planning processes. The mentoring and support offered by the Orange Fab team helped us to believe that our start-up was worth our continued effort and dedication – it was clear that others liked our idea, too. It was great to see how the business needs and expectations of a large corporation and a start-up became aligned by working together. It helped that the mentoring staff were super helpful and always willing to give us a hand.

next steps

We’ve entered into a revenue sharing and distribution agreement with Orange, and our app is available via the Orange App Center.

Published: 17 Dec 2015 / Modified: 07 Mar 2016