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Easy app for kids, easy life for grown ups

What they do: The Kidilist app enables children to take photos of the toys they would like to receive. Parents can share this list to ensure children get presents they actually like while avoiding duplicates. What they do with us: Kidilist uses the Orange Trust Badge

Didier Nizard
Chief Innovation Officer

why the Trust Badge?

Data protection is very important to our app, as it is aimed at parents and children. The trust badge reassures parents.

Integrating the badge was both easy and simple: it only took a couple hours and a few lines of code to get an excellent result. The Orange teams were able to perfectly respond to all our questions.

the benefits

As a startup, associating with a group like Orange is an important way to expand our visibility among the wider public, and an essential part of our communications.

Published: 15 Feb 2017 / Modified: 15 Feb 2017