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"Your smart personal medical assistance."

What they do: MedWhat is building the next generation of medical artificial intelligence. MedWhat is a personal medical assistant app that provides automatic personalized answers to your health and medical questions. Users can create a quick anonymous health profile telling MedWhat their age, gender, and current medical conditions. This allows MedWhat to provide personalized answers and have a contextual conversation with the user by following up with questions and pushing health notifications to your phone. MedWhat uses natural language processing and bioinformatics to understand and create medical logic. 100,000 people ask medical questions to MedWhat on their web and mobile apps every month, and have answered more than 1 million questions to date. The MedWhat iOS app was ranked top medical app in 2013 by the Apple App Store. The team is made of statisticians, computer science engineers, and a doctors from Stanford University. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab USA. Results: Medwhat took part in be participating in the Orange's mHealth Grand Tour (September 2015).
Published: 12 Oct 2015 / Modified: 08 Apr 2016