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“Orange API programs gave us the tools to hit the ground running”

What they do: Nilebot is a water quality measuring and monitoring system for aquaculture farms, designed and operated by Conative Labs. What they do with us: participated in the Egypt Orange Open API program and represented Orange Egypt in the Orange Developer Challenge. By integrating the Orange SMS API, Nilebot can now notify farmers of water quality data in real time. Results: came in 2nd in the international Developer Challenge. The API program enabled Nilebot to scale their prototype at a low price, while benefiting from the Orange network.

This service integrates the following Orange API : SMS API.


Conative Labs, based in Cairo, Egypt, is one of many startups at the forefront of Egypt’s bustling innovation ecosystem. Their pilot aquaculture water quality measuring and monitoring system Nilebot, which integrates the Orange SMS API, put them on the map during the Orange Developer Challenge where they reached 2nd place. Conative Labs CEO and co-founder Ahmed Khaled explains how collaborating with Orange helped boost their service and expand their perspectives as their product prepared to hit the market.

the challenge

Aquaculture is a major industry in Egypt and vulnerable to a wide range of factors, including water pollution. We developed a system that measures the effects of pollution in real time and transmits that data to farmers so they can be more proactive to find solutions. The idea is essentially that of a factory alarm that warns workers of dangerous situations, transposed to aquaculture!

As a startup, we jumped at the opportunity to work with Orange through the Open API Program. It looked like an ideal way to scale our product, while also widening our reach through their MEA network.

the results

The API Program really got things moving for us. It opened up the Orange network and providing plenty of new ideas as we began to see the services they provide for SMEs and startups.

The Developer Challenge continued this momentum, allowing us to integrate the SMS API. Orange teams were extremely friendly and supportive, helping us to iron out the kinks and answer all of our questions – four months later, things are still going strong. The challenge also gave us some great visibility and achieving 2nd place overall bodes well for our future development.

As we finish up Nilebot's pilot phase and start working towards market launch, we can really see how we benefited from the SMS API. These programs gave us the tools we needed to hit the ground running. It was very cost-effective and the reasonably-priced starting bundles made it easy to take our product through prototyping and up to launch. The self-service aspect was also a big plus, as we directly interacted with the API online through our own account.


next steps

As it stands, we’re also working with Orange on how to integrate M2M components into our service. Discovering their API range certainly gave us plenty of ideas, such as integrating the Billing and #303# My Store APIs to process subscription fees from our website.

We’re also looking forward to developing our service throughout the Orange MEA footprint through their API network. In the meantime, we'll be at the Viva Technology Paris conference in late June 2016 – also an exciting prospect! What's clear is, we're just getting started.

Published: 02 Jun 2016 / Modified: 13 Jun 2016