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"We provide more than just IE."

What they do: Qlync ”Smart Access Technology” (SAT) is a solution that links devices using Peer-to-Peer. This enables the user to connect all of his devices to the Internet, such as smart devices, computers and IP cameras. Qlync provides surveillance solutions to network operators and Telcos. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab Asia. Results: Awarded as HP-Cloud China partner to complete their Cloud-Video Surveillance solution Demo Site on November 2015. Awarded by MEGASYS and Chunghwa Telecom as a partner for Cloud-Video Surveillance project in support to government-funded construction sites in Taipei City on July 2015. Iveda adopted Qlync’s iSAT solution to complete Cloud Video Surveillance Platform Installation in Four Data Centers in Vietnam on June 2015. Awarded as Megasys and Acer Cloud partner for the Cloud-Video Surveillance solution for the School Security on Dec 2014.
Published: 13 Jan 2016 / Modified: 04 Mar 2016