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Want to enhance your AJAX content indexation?

What they do: SEO4Ajax provides a simple and efficient way to increase the visibility of websites that heavily rely on JavaScript on search engines, social networks and more. This enables marketing and developer teams to design websites with the best user experience without sacrificing SEO. What they do with us: Orange develops efficient and modern web portals based on AngularJS. SEO4Ajax allows these web portals to be visible on search engines like Google or Bing, and also Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Results: Orange websites based on AngularJS are properly indexed by search engines and social network bots. The dashboard in the console of SEO4Ajax provides a useful way to view daily analytics on bots traffic. The embedded rewrite rule engine ensures the site is crawled and indexed efficiently.

SEO4Ajax and Orange, a long story?

The two founders of SEO4Ajax  met at Orange. Yannick Le Saout worked for almost a decade at Orange Labs, and Gildas Lormeau regularly supported Orange with service provision. So it was with Orange support that Yannick was able to set up the company that has developed SEO4Ajax, and collaboration on projects continues today.

What is SEO4Ajax?

SEO4Ajax is software hosted in the cloud that aims to index search engines and social networks using JavaScript and Ajax. On the one hand, new technologies enable more interactive and reactive websites based on the latest browser features. However, they can be too complex for Google robots which have great difficulty reading content sites, so they are poorly or not at all indexed. SEO4Ajax overcomes this problem by offering an automated solution.


How does it work?

The solution is easy to deploy – the user just needs to register and enter their website URL. The service works in SaaS mode, with monthly subscriptions available in 3 levels taking into account the number of sites and their size. Prices start from $29 per month to $199, and we also offer customized services.

SEO4Ajax in numbers:

- Number of sites based on SEO4Ajax: 220

- Number of pages served to bots: 1.5 million / day

- Production since mid 2013 ( 1½ beta )

- Start of the project: 2nd quarter 2012

> Discover the website here.

Published: 26 Jul 2016 / Modified: 26 Jul 2016