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“What Orange offers is a 360-degree experience”

What they do: Sharalike is a photo sharing app that automatically creates slideshows of user memories. What they do with us: Sharalike signed a partnership with Orange as part of the Orange Cloud usage development strategy. Later, they took part in Orange Fab France Season 4 and worked in collaboration with the Orange Cloud team to perfect user experience. Results: In less than a month since launching with the Cloud API, Sharalike has synchronized more than half a million photos, as it continues to expand to new platforms.

This service integrates the following Orange API : Cloud API.

Sharalike is a photo sharing and storage app that automatically organizes and analyzes user photos to create cinematic slideshows set to music. Since its launch in 2015, users have shared more than 25 million photos on the app, and thanks to their partnership with Orange, the number is only growing. CEO and CTO Aymeric Vigneras sat down to tell us how the Orange has helped to accelerate his company’s growth in just a few months.

the challenge

Our main objective was to create a better user experience and to make it easier for our customers to browse and share their photos across multiple platforms — including smartphones, connected TVs, tablets and desktops. Our big challenge was that most people store their photos in many different locations. How do we ensure they can access all of them simply and easily so they can take full advantage of our product? The answer came about through our fruitful partnership with Orange, which stretched from API integration, through to UX, target audience insights, brand exposure and more.

the results

Orange offers what I call a “360 degree experience”. While we integrated the Orange Cloud API we also worked with Orange teams to develop a new user funnel, looking to maximize the user experience from beginning to end. Following our integration of the Cloud API, our users can now easily access and browse through their photos from any device, wherever they are. The entire back-end and mobile integration took a little more than a month and Orange teams were always on hand to help us test new versions and adjust accordingly.

We also worked together to attract new users and actively promote the updated app across a variety of different channels. Working with Orange marketing and business development teams helped to increase our brand recognition and exposure.



next steps

Just weeks after launching, we’ve seen our users synchronize over half a million photos. We’ve also noticed that users who sync their Orange Cloud accounts to Sharalike are five times more likely to use our slideshow feature, which speaks to the efficiency of the integration.

Now that we’ve fine-tuned the engineering and are sure that everything’s running smoothly, we’re looking to leverage Orange’s high quality network and international footprint to expand our marketing efforts. Going forward, it’s really about spreading the word, and letting people know that with Sharalike and Orange, photo-sharing and organization can be simple, straightforward and fun!

Published: 12 Jan 2016 / Modified: 31 May 2016