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"TrackR helps you find your things in seconds."

What they do: Attach TrackR Bravo devices to your valuable items. TrackR created the thinnest design to easily track keys, wallets, bags, purses, bikes, remotes, and more. Ring your TrackR device using the TrackR app to find your misplaced item. Ring and find your misplaced phone by pressing the TrackR device button. If something is left behind, the TrackR app remembers where you had it last. Receive lost item updates through TrackR's Crowd GPS network. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab USA. Available on Orange Horizon. Results: Shipped over 400,000 TrackR Stickers. People are finding over 2 items / second with Crowd GPS. $1.6M in presales and over 100,000 units sold for the new TrackR Bravo through an Indiegogo campaign (initial goal of $20,000). Products available with retailers worldwide.

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Published: 26 Oct 2015 / Modified: 18 Apr 2016