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"Our technology already powers many of the world's best digital agencies and YouTube ad producers."

What they do: TubeScience is building a database of all the world’s entertainment customers, their content preferences, and their contact information. That database lets us identify the right audience for any piece of content, and deliver it directly to them, with very minimal exposure to irrelevant audiences. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab USA. Results: In a head-to-head comparison to native YouTube, tubeScience drove 170x improvements in watchtime TubeScience routinely drives 20x more social shares in two weeks than YouTube drives natively in a year (for gaming, beauty, music, and film properties). Worked with Fremantle Media, CJ E&M, Sony, Pepsi, Estee Lauder.
Published: 09 Oct 2015 / Modified: 08 Apr 2016