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Our IDS technology searches for a better price both online and in-store, breaking down the boundaries between online and offline, and makes shopping ever more convenient.

What they do: Viscovery develops visual search technology for various business customers including Chunghwa Telecom. “SnapDeal”, a new service from Viscovery, is a mobile C2C e-commerce app using the technology that enables users to look for the best deals by snapping a photo of a wanted product. What they do with us: Accelerated by Orange Fab Asia. Results: Fundraised 5 million USD from VCs in US, Taiwan, and China in March 2015. Won many awards including Amazon AWS challenge 2014 1st prize, Beijing in December 2014 and The Outstanding Startup Prize of MOEASMEA in November 2014.
Published: 13 Jan 2016 / Modified: 04 Mar 2016