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Your child's digital life

What they do: Xooloo contributes to a positive, secure digital experience for children. Xooloo's features offer children increased confidence and independence as well as responsibility as digital users. What they do with us: Xooloo uses the Orange Trust Badge.

Yves Le Jan
Chief Development Officer

why the Trust Badge?

The trust badge reminds parents of how user data is used, and enables them to choose whether or not to share their family’s data with the rest of the community, even anonymously.

Integration was easy, even with our specific demands that we were able to cover directly with the developers during the Speed Integration Day.

the benefits

Shared references and name recognition matter when it comes to demonstrating a serious approach to data protection. This is an important concern for some of our customers, and we’re better equipped to meet this need thanks to the trust badge.

Published: 15 Feb 2017 / Modified: 28 Jun 2018