Discover our platforms to collect, synchronize, store, process your data and manage your daily activities.

We provide you with exclusive platforms to manage your connected objects and the development of your service and daily operations. As simple as they are powerful, these solutions free you of the most time-consuming administrative tasks to better focus on your core business, your customer relations and the success of your business. You can also build your application at your own pace with our open source platform Cloudwatt.

Live Objects API

Collect, store, manage, aggregate and secure your customer’s data, from any connected object or platform.

Flexible Datasync API

Boost the development of your realtime apps thanks to our backend fitted for mobile, social, collaborative and IoT services.

Available in all european countries.

With by Orange Cloud for Business you save time by quickly creating your website and publishing your updates in real time.

Available in all european countries.


Based on OpenStack technology, the features of this public cloud (APIs, applications, control panel…) make it even easier to use our proprietary cloud.

Available in all european countries.

Published: 27 Mar 2017 / Modified: 27 Mar 2017