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Corner App allows you to get feedback on your app and products.

Audition your service with the Corner App



Before you turn up the volume on your latest App why not tune into our customers. They know what a hit sounds like and can give you valuable feedback that will get your app to number #1.


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Put customers at the heart of your app innovation

As developers, we understand you need to get as close as possible to your end users to ensure the development of innovative and user-friendly apps. That’s why we created the Corner App on your dedicated space for interacting with thousands of Orange customers online. At Lab Orange, we have more than 5,000 Orange France active testers who participate in co-creation workshops and test out the latest products and services from Orange and its partners.

This uniquely user-centric initiative features the following:

  • 6,800 unique visitors per month
  • 5,000 active testers
  • 400 forum posts per month
  • 50 studies by Orange market research experts per year
  • several Face2Face events with Lab Explorers per year


Take your app to the next level with Corner App

Corner App is the latest tool dedicated to open innovation and customer co-creation. It’s a completely free service that helps you to enhance your apps through active online feedback from French users. Talk directly to our Lab Explorers for feedback on how to fine-tune your app for success. By participating, you also increase your chances of getting your app promoted on Orange channels!

So who are these Lab Explorers? Orange_channel_science

Lab Explorers is a community of thousands of privileged and motivated Orange clients who are the first to interact with ground-breaking apps from Orange and its partners. Users gain hands-on experience, test developers’ breakthrough apps and submit their feedback online.


Our 5K active testers can:

  • download a handpicked selection of apps,
  • rank them,
  • submit comments and suggestions.


Whether your app is under development or already published, there’s no better way to confirm user interest and to create buzz!

Developers are already discovering the power of Corner App

FamilyWall appThe FamilyWall app was refined and enhanced through the Lab Explorers community. FamilyWall is a digital organiser that includes a shared calendar, photo albums, instant messaging and geolocalisation function to help families to plan, to share and to stay connected. The app received comprehensive Lab Explorers feedback via a detailed online questionnaire.

Get your app noticed in four steps:

1. Apply by completing the Corner App form online  and receive an answer within two weeks (you’ll be asked to sign up first)

2. Get your app published on and start receiving direct feedback from our Lab Explorers community

3. Interact with Lab Explorers as much as you wish for a two-month renewable period

4. Receive a professional report (in French) within two weeks following the end of your survey, including ratings, statistics, comments and questionnaires


Your packaged online survey is made available to 5,000 active Orange France testers completely free of charge. Users provide constructive feedback and interact with Lab Explorers – all while creating buzz about your app!

Corner App is available for both TV and mobile apps, including:

  • Android, Windows 8, IOS and Opera
  • French or English language
  • Free to download (or promo code)
Published: 12 Oct 2015 / Modified: 14 Jan 2016