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Discover how Orange helps developers provide a secure and convenient user experience online with EU-compliant solutions: Orange ID and Mobile Connect.

Manage EU compliance & user privacy with Orange ID & authentication services

Reliable digital identity solutions are among the pillars of an effective and harmonious digital ecosystem. To foster trust in digital services, the EU has implemented a demanding regulatory framework to protect users from online fraud and strengthen their privacy.

For developers, the challenge becomes delivering a great user experience that is compliant, secure, and convenient, with strong privacy guarantees. Orange is strongly involved in these issues and offers specific solutions to facilitate the process, including Orange ID and Mobile Connect.

The impact of regulation on digital identity services

Orange digital identity trust services
General Data Protection Regulation
Effective 25 May 2018


Privacy-by-design becomes the norm, with the obligation to secure explicit consent from users in order to collect their data, explain how it will be used, and give the option to access said data if they wish.

Orange digital identity trust services
Revised Directive on Payment Services
Effective 13 January 2018


Imposes strong authentication for any online payment operations. 3DSecure, which today concerns 35% of online transactions, will become the norm. Online buying experiences should therefore become more complex.

Orange digital identity trust services
electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services
Effective 1 July 2016


Regulates electronic identification and trust services in the EU, focusing on interoperability and transparency between member states’ schemes. For instance: in France, France Connect can already be used to access 260+ public services and eventually become available for all of them.

Orange ID – Account creation just got simpler and safer

Preventing online fraud while at the same time simplifying user journeys can seem difficult. Orange ID is an innovative, simple solution to do so, which helps you offer users a smoother—and safer—experience online for account creation. It is an ideal complement to existing Orange offers for aggregators, expanding their tool set to energize this market and innovate while preserving users from security risks.

Orange ID involves a combination of two dedicated Orange Identity APIs to replace cumbersome manual operations and help aggregators’ B2B clients save time on anti-fraud checks:

Orange CheckID API Identity authentication

Check ID: seamlessly checks users’ identity to approve online transactions by cross-checking Orange customer information.

Orange FormFilling API Identity authenticationForm Filling: securely & automatically fills in forms with user info from Orange customer accounts (e.g. name, address, etc.) to reduce drop-off rates.

Orange ID benefits for service providers & websites:

  • An optimized user journey
  • Enriching and improving the reliability of client base
  • Support against fraud
  • Improved conversion rates & lower drop-off rates

Orange ID benefits for end users:

  • Easier account creation
  • Improved customer experience
  • Control over the use of identifying data
  • No information inputs necessary

Developed according to privacy-by-design principles, Orange ID is fully compliant with GDPR: users remain in control of their data, which is only used with their explicit consent. It is already used by leading providers of financial services, notably for the creation of Paypal test accounts and for the launch of Orange Bank.

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Orange ID is already available in France and scheduled for development in Europe.

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Mobile Connect: strong authentication via smartphone, without login or password


Mobile Connect relies on two authentication factors: users’ mobile phone and their PIN, stored on the SIM card. By removing the need to remember logins and passwords, Mobile Connect offers a good combination of regulatory compliance and security while introducing less friction in customer journey than other authentication solutions.

This strong authentication can also be included into more comprehensive identity solutions, such as Mobile Connect et moi (Mobile Connect & me), an identity provider mechanism available through France Connect.

Mobile Connect et moi is the fourth identity provider to join France Connect, but the first of its kind classified as “substantial”. This is due to its combination of:

  • Strong authentication with Mobile Connect, which enables users to use their mobile phone and Mobile Connect PIN to identify themselves with public services.
  • Trusted identity provided by AriadNEXT, which runs facial and textual recognition on identity documents and user selfies.

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Mobile Connect et moi is currently only available to Orange customers in France but will cover all providers in the future, enabling authentication for sensitive operations thanks to its strong level of security. Since launching in November 2017, 20,000 French users have signed up for the service.

Mobile Connect is available in Spain and in France through Orange APIs

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